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The world is changing at a fast pace, increasing dependence on pesticides and chemicals has caused a lot of environmental imbalance. Scientists have realized the need for an alternative method to combat the challenges faced by mankind. Biotechnology is one of the most sought after fields today. It is applicable in ares such as agriculture, medicine, construction, textiles, food production, etc.

Biotechnology involves genetic engineering of micro-organisms to produce more effective and less harmful pesticides. It involves use of genetic engineering to create powerful pharmaceuticals. Biotechnology looks at providing solutions to various challenges faced by mankind. Biotechnology aims at creating perfectly balanced world. 

For those interested in pursuing career in biotech research and development science, career pathway as a microbiologist, a bio-technician or a pharmacist would be the best choice. As a student of biotechnology, you would need to closely study the microorganisms and explore the possibilities of utilizing these microbes to create effective medicines. 

Your day to day life would involve collection and analysis of samples for various organisms. One can specialize in biotechnology from different sub-branches like research, production, quality control, product development, bio tech testing, post production management, distribution etc. For those who have the urge to explore the world and create new things, biotechnology offers wide range of options.


What you should know about the Human Genome Project

The human genome project was an ambitous research programme conducted by the United States Department of Energy together with the National Institutes of Health to identify the thousands of human genes and the sequences of billions of chemical base pairs of human DNA. Part of the research was the study of the genetic makeup of other organisms, such as the e.coli bacterium. Along with these main o...


4 Tips to Find a Qualified Research and Development Firm

The reality is that it is futile to ask someone where and how to find anything that you may need to accomplish something. There is so much information on the internet that you can find almost anything as long as you know how to. It is no different when it comes to finding a qualified research and development firm. However, you must at least know the features of a good qualified research and deve...


6 Steps to Run a Scientific Experiment

Doing a scientific experiment requires a complete and correct step by step procedure in order to arrive at an accurate conclusion. This step by step procedure is what is commonly referred to as the scientific method. The scientific method allows one to see the cause and effect relationship between the variables in the experiment. In other words, by using these step by step procedures, one can se...


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